The Tutoring Academy

Three winners this year from the Kay Snow Writing Contest

Three winners from the 2011 Kay Snow Writing Contest

The Tutoring Academy works with both children and young adults, one on one, and in small groups. We assist students with all aspects of the English language, including in-depth reading, creative writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, essay writing, and all other writing forms. We conduct book groups, writing workshops, and art projects, such as Image as Related to Story. We tailor our curriculum to address the important needs of each individual. Our expertise is wide ranging and includes:

  • Children stalled in reading and writing or overwhelmed with homework
  • Students working on creative projects and thesis development
  • Enrichment tutoring for all students, including talented and gifted
  • Young adults studying for entrance examinations for middle school, high school, and college
  • Bi-lingual students in language immersion programs
  • Children and adults needing assistance with English as a Second Language
  • Students with learning differences
book group all gathered around together reading

The book group reading together

We work together to support the individual's needs and improve confidence, study habits, time management, and organizational skills.

Our teaching curriculum, inspired by and adapted from the popular Story Workshop® method, originated and developed by John Schultz, is a highly interactive approach and incorporates the all-important connections of speaking and writing to voice, hearing to listening, and seeing in the mind to form the image. The development of these basic skills enhances clarity on the written page and dramatically improves the student's capacity to read and write. We devote time to creative writing exercises, reading to each other, oral telling, discussing and analyzing stories, and playing word games. We also create images and artwork as related to the reading and writing, and paint, draw, collage, and act out parts in children's theater. Many of our exercises are beneficial for effective left brain/right brain functioning. The students enjoy our time together and have fun learning, while honing their skills.

Building a solid reading and writing foundation helps children and young adults in every subject area as they navigate their educational experience. Our aim is for students to feel comfortable, turn around their problem areas, and learn to love and enjoy the extraordinary arts of reading and writing. We strive to contribute to their ability to become confident adults and succeed in reaching their highest goals.